Beach Hensley Homes, specializes in building green-certified, energy-efficient homes on predominantly urban residential land in Western North Carolina. These craftsman homes help protect the remarkable ecology of the region by limiting the negative effects on the surrounding environment during and after construction.

As buildings account for 39% of the total energy usage, 12% of the total water consumption, 68% of total electricity consumption, and 38% of carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. (EPA), there is significant need for builders to be mindful of potential environmental impact. Minimizing the amount of energy and resources used during the building process as well as working intentionally to avoid collateral damage to the environment ensures that local ecology continues to thrive as communities grow.

Often, building in a way that minimizes environmental impact requires greater expenses for the homeowner upfront. While, over time, this investment can pay off in reduced energy costs (USGBC), the substantial initial investment is a deterrent for many homebuilders on a budget. To address this issue, Beach Hensley and his wife, Lindsay, set out to re-imagine and refresh their business with the primary aim to make environmentally responsible building more widely accessible. This is how Beach Hensley Homes came to take shape.

Formerly named Beach Builders, Beach Hensley Homes now offers green-certified homes at fixed prices so that homeowners do not face any financial surprises during the building process. Currently, Beach Hensley Homes has three stock plans to choose from with the intent of growing that portfolio over time. Their upfront prices and well-designed home options alleviate the worries that have traditionally come with building a home. Homeowners are assured the peace of mind that their home will be built under budget and on a predictable timeline.

You’ve dreamed about the perfect home. Now imagine the perfect home building experience. With Beach Hensley Homes’ portfolio of green-certified homes, your new home is well within reach. Contact Beach Hensley Homes today to find out how they can get you into the home of your dreams.